FWD 360 RE -Branding and Website Development

FWD 360 – A website which captures youth culture and creative content via music videos, blogs, mini documentaries and short films required a rebrand to show case their new vision and cement their online identity.

The creative team pride themselves on the video quality and thinking behind their ideas so we wanted to give them a website which was fully finished but also displayed their work in an artistic way almost like a piece of creative work in itself.

We looked at the core principles, visions and future thinking projects of FWD 360 to find a way to put this across to their audience.

We updated their logo to give it a more global presence, yet being subtle and distinct and also created social network promotional templates they could updated and use for any campaign to market their activities.

We redeveloped their website to make it much more easier to navigate for users and created it in a way so they can modify and change it as their audience grew.

FWD360.com – Faith SFX Human Beatbox Freestyle @ New Era Store

We worked with youth culture website FWD 360 to organise , film and facilitate this filming in London’s New Era Store.

We called on the amazing vocal abilities of World Championship Beat Boxer Faith Sfx who gave an amazing performance. No instruments or sound devices were used , this is all from his mouth one take and one recording.

Fashion Giant T.M Lewin Feature – The RIR Owner Richard Price on their website

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Naomi Paget who is the Head Of Customer Relationships Marketing at Fashion giant T.M Lewin. The Interview highlighted a project The RIR had worked on with T.M Lewin CEO Geoff Quinn.

Click the link below to read the full article on T.M. Lewin’s Blog Site: