Prelude Scenes to Lip Gloss The Movie

First prelude scenes from our in house film Lip Gloss. Its an emotive, witty, uncompromising, dangerous yet empowering film which opens up so many emotions intertwining the journeys of a group of South London females.

We are going to be updating more information soon as the script; cast and scope of the project develop.

Director & Producer: Richard Devere Price
Cinematographers: Kym ‘Woody’ Waya, Darryl Daniels
Make-up: Didi Njaka


Remie-Purthill Clarke as Kelly
Liane-Rose Bunce as Aunt Sherilyn
Neil McCall as Sonny
Devante Andrews as TJ
Andrew Dowbiggin as Kelly’s Boyfriend
Glen Speers as Politician
Colin Burt Vidler as Big Georgy

Thanks to Eat Big Fish, Cell Block 39 casting , Steffan Cuff , Antico Restaurant , Terminal rehearsal studios