Motion Animation Music Video – WhoIsParadise – Two4Se7en

We were commissioned by Legendary UK Hip Hop Artist Whoisparadise to create an animated motion graphics music video. This video is to represent his controversial, hard hitting new song, which features UK Hip Hop pioneer MCD and rising star J The Exodus.
This video was created using historic imagery and precision timed animated typography.

Director: Richard Devere Price
Motion Animator: Gavin Driver

Juliyaa – The Rhythm (HD Final)

We are very proud to unveil the new music video for the super talented Juliyaa. The video theme fuses motion graphics and energetic performances saluting the glamorous styles of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The video was shot over 2 days in May 2011 at South London’s Tank Gallery. The shoot culminated in a great piece featuring talented dancers, musicians and amazing props which all added to the electric feel and stylish nature of this music promo.

The use of the motion graphics was to convey a “Flash forward” imagery to visually anticipate the rise in Juliyaa’s career starting from her first CD, which is seen at the end of the video.

We at The RIR think Juliyaa will be a superstar please keep up to date with her progress and check her official website.

Full Credits and Thanks:

Director, Producer, Co editor: Richard Price
Production Company: The RIR

Assistant Producer: Kara Francis-Lyons
Cinematographers: Paul Hines, Jason Brooks
Editing, Motion Animation, Art Direction: Gavin Driver
Stylist: Marie- Louise Annan
Makeup Artist : Kelly Mendiola
Make up assistant: Teresa Reynolds
Hair design: John Mullan and Kris
Manicurist: Steph Mendiola
Props and Set sourcing: Will Hannes @ The Old Cinema
Dancers: Kloe Dean and Aleta Thompson

Colour Grader: Sonny Sheridan @ The Farm

Special Thanks to: Nick Fenton, Maktuno Suit, Ty Bankinson, Dan Axtell, Mazen Murad @ Metropolis, Joe Guest @ Final cut edit, Emily Blavo.

A Class “God Body Slum Villy” Music Video

UK Hip Hop Music Video Commissioned By God Body Productions for their Artist – A Class – Filmed in South East London. The label wanted us to create a gritty yet sleek inner city , fast paced rapid street video to represent A class.Working on a strict budget set by the label The RIR  team set about to create the feel and mood visually to interlink with the dark yet energetic music.

Some Screen shots of the music video :

Director & Producer: Richard Price
Editor: Gavin Driver
Colour Grade: Dan Axtell

The Helicopters In My Head Music Video

The Amazingly Talented Indie Rock Band The Helicopters approached us wanting to create a buzz building , innovative Music video for their infectious Underground theme “In My Head”.

Our Director Drew Brown Pitched the idea of Being Born from the essence and returning to the essences. This is reflected in the video as the morphing of each band member from the grains of Sand. The video concept revolves around Great Musicians doing what they do best , Playing Great Music!

The Video was filmed in an Underground Parking Garage in Old Kent Road , South London to give the gritty, raw feel to the visuals. Special effects were added in post production to push the innovation in the video over the edge.

View Some exclusive Behind the scenes Blackbery Pictures and screen shots from the final version :

The Helicopters “In My Head”
Production company :studio Ic3
Director: Drew Brown
Producer: Richard Price
Make-up & Stylist: Didi Njaka